Christmas Mindfulness – Task 1


Christmas is a stressful time of the year for most people. Add 30+ Christmas happy children, several Christmas performances and Christmas parties on top of the normal day to day life of a teacher, and the Christmas time stress doubles.

This Christmas give yourself an early Christmas gift and develop some mindfulness strategies. Each week for the next four weeks, there will be a new strategy to undertake for the week. Practice it often and remember you are not alone!

This week’s task is to make at least one person laugh everyday! It is not your job to make everyone happy. But, making a few people laugh and smile each day will lighten your emotional load by releasing the feel good chemical, endorphin. So, take a moment, smile, laugh and be jolly! 

Extra: Developing Mindfulness in the Classroom this month could also save your sanity. Why not try some simple strategies that will calm the children and bring the gift of mindfulness into their lives?


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