I am Headteacher of a primary school. (This is my second headship.) I have extensive experience in education across two countries, UK and USA. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience on using Mindfulness in the Classroom through training.

My book published but Bloomsbury Publishing , 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Mindfulness in the Classroom , was released on the 19th October 2017.

You can find out how to order from a variety of countries HERE.

I am a believer of lifelong learning, a National Leader of Education, a blogger & Jack of All Trades!

These are my own musings on education and all views expressed are my own.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am hoping you might be able to help me. I am a high school math teacher in Texas, and my wife and I are trying to move to the UK in the near future. Because secondary maths teachers in the UK are in short supply, I anticipate less resistance. I have already been awarded QTS from the National College for Teaching and Leadership, and I would be coming with nine years teaching experience in Texas public schools (eight years in secondary), and a Masters in Mathematics degree.

    While you, as a principal of a UK academy, would be an ideal individual to bounce some questions off of, I’d understand if you were too busy to assist me. However, perhaps you might be able to point me in the direction of an online community of America-to-UK expat teachers who could answer some questions? If so, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

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