First Baby Steps!

“No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small.”- from the children’s movie TURBO

I went with my little boy today to see the movie TURBO. It was a great film and was filled with an inspirational story line to never give up on your dreams.

My academy has dreams. No matter how good we may get, we want to get better! It is as pure and simple as that. It is not always easy. However, we are always looking to improve. We know we must always look towards the future and identify ways to engage children.

Following our amazing CPD training last Monday, the academy has been working hard to develop a blog site. It is the first baby steps. It is our hope that, by the end of the year, blogging will be embedded across the academy and it is having a real impact on writing standards.

Our blog can be found at . Every class has a blog, including me at . Take a sneak peek! It will have a grand launch in a couple of weeks. So, get a chance to see it grow from the beginning.

As I said, this is only a baby step. However, I think I will enjoy this one grow up to out perform the parent.

Dream Big Dreams!

Inspirational Day!

It is days like today that really make me miss being in the classroom! You see, we had an inset day. I can almost hear a collective moan coming from everyone. We have all sat through these days that lacked sparkle and were filled with little inspiration.

Oh, did I tell you it was an inset day on WRITING?! ( Again, an even deeper intake of breath!)

I can assure you that this day was not filled with understanding grammar and structure. It had nothing to do with levelling or marking. It wasn’t about how to teach genres or informational text. No! It was none of that. It was about INSPIRING children to write.

What has always been my main complaint about writing in England is that there is a complete lack of audience or purpose. We never give writing a true platform. So, children, day in and day out, write for a none existent audience. How utterly dull is that! Uninspiring!

Today was all about giving writing a platform, mainly through blogging, for children to write and engage with the world. Today was about skilling ourselves up to take on the 21st century by the horns and take a wild ride with the children with purposeful, inspiring and engaging writing.

I feel very lucky that my Vice Principal showed me this link, , several months ago. It was because of this that we were able to have David Mitchell with us for the day. Even better was the fact we shared this inspirational day with two other primary academies.

Today, as people left, I was already seeing and hearing the impact it had had on the staff. I look forward to seeing the impact in the coming weeks, months and years!

Yes, today was a day that make me really miss the classroom!


It Is All About The Attitude!

When it came time for our son to start school 5 years ago, my husband and I thought long and hard about where he should go to school. There were lots of things to consider as the school I am Principal is not out local school. If he came to my school, our child would not be learning with his neighbours.

In the end, we asked ourselves what we wanted for our son and came to the firm conclusion that we wanted him to have a good, strong education that allowed him to grow as a person. I wanted for him what I wanted for each one of the children in my school and what I believed we give in my school. So, the answer was obvious. He would come to my school!

There have been pros and cons to that decision.

Pros: I know what is going on at school…well, most of the time! I can be there for those important assemblies or plays. I get to see him get awards and learning in class. I KNOW he is getting a brilliant education! It centres me and my decisions are very focused on the children of the school because I want the best for ALL of them!

Cons: My son has a HUGE personality and is full of energy and confidence. So, in those first few years he found himself in my office with a group of other cheeky boys being told off for silly boy things. Unfortunately for him, there was no case for appeal to a parent and punishment was followed through at home. He soon learned! Another con is really for the poor teachers who get my son in their class. What could be more stressful than having the Principals’s son?! Good thing he is cute and knows how to bat his eyelashes or it would be just too overwhelming for them!

So, this week as I was tucking him into bed we had this little conversation…

Me: So, you have been back to school for a month now. How is your new class?
Him: It’s really great! (His voice is all bubbly and excited.)
Me: What makes it great? (Expecting to hear about break time or art lessons or PE.)
Him: My teacher! (As he says that, you can see the pure adoration in his eyes.)
Me: What makes her so great?
Him: Her attitude!

Her attitude! Wow!

What more can I ask of a teacher in my school than to have a great attitude?

As I went to bed, I considered those words. I considered his understanding of a good attitude. It is one we are very clear about in our ethos and strive to improve each day. But, when a child can put their finger on exactly what makes things GREAT in our school, I know we are getting it right!

Yes, We made the right decision on where to send our child to school!

I am feeling very proud!