Children’s Mental Health Week

The week of 4th February 2019 is Children’s Mental Health Week.

This is championed in the UK by Place2Be supported by HRH Dutches of Cambridge.

We teach children how to write, read, add and subtract along with a whole host of other subjects. Those things are important towards helping them to be successful members of society.

However, if children don’t have the skills and strategies to cope with the stresses that come with the access and use of that knowledge and becoming members of society, they will not be as successful as they can be.

Together, whether we are parents, teachers, club/team leaders or the general public, we need to be actively engaged in giving our children the tools needed for a positive mental health now and in the future.

The development of mindfulness in children can support this positive mental health development.

A number of strategies can be found here for free:

Share your ideas and activities in the comments.

If you have missed the official week, that is ok. The development of positive mental health in children is for all year long and not just for one week.

Find more mindfulness strategies for teachers, 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Mindfulness In The Classroom published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

1 thought on “Children’s Mental Health Week

  1. EFT (tapping) therapy is now being used very successfully in schools, both for pupil and teacher stress, anxiety & overwhelm. It is now a clinically proven tool We have just had the Tapping world summit, info at, they have videos talking about using tapping in schools for anxiety, stress, exam nerves, feeling calm in the classroom etc. There are also a range of tapping books including my own two Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie & Energy EFT For Teenagers which can help children at home & in schools. Tapping can help students with specific subjects that they find difficult such as Maths, even reading and writing can be helped if you take the anxiety out of learning. I also have scripts for schools such as a ‘feeling calm script, a teacher one to ‘take a moment to breath, feel calm & relax’ etc. Tapping also helps children to function and concentrate better in class so a win win situation for schools, and if you take away the exam stress, children can perform better. At they are setting up a network of therapists to help in schools.

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