#MindfulFocusChallenge- Day 5: Shoe Exercise

This is a middle of the day or end of the day exercise. For most of us, our feet take a beating during the day. Some of us have an easy time and others a more difficult time. We take our feet for granted and don’t actually always focus on the sensory input they provide. Today, we use our feet as part of our mindful focus.

⁃ Take off your socks and shoes and place your feet flat on the ground. It doesn’t matter if the surface is indoors or outdoors.

⁃ Sit up tall and take two deep, Mindful breaths.

⁃ Then, turn your attention to your feet.

⁃ How does the ground feel against your feet?

⁃ Then, one small bit at a time, concentrate on the feel of your toes, tops of your feet, bottoms of your feet and heels.

⁃ Allow all of your attention to be on your feet.

⁃ Wiggle your toes as you bring back focus on your whole body.

⁃ End with a few deep mindful breaths and proceed with your day.

Respond in the comments, tweet us @Ed_Tmprince or respond on our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/educationsvoice/ with #MindfulFocusChallege and let us know how you found this strategy.

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