Developing mindful practice is a life time endeavour. Even as it becomes part of our daily habit, we need to take a moment to consider our mindfulness, how we use it and how it makes us feel.

The more mindful we become and how that mindfulness supports our positive mental health and well-being, the deeper our mindfulness becomes.

This is true for both our children as well as ourselves as adults. With this in mind, we have set up the #MindfulMayChallenge.

Each of the five weeks in May will have a new Mindful Focus along with both adult and child friendly strategies. You, your family, your class and your school can take part and develop mindfulness together.

How to take part?


1- Pledge to take part in #MindfulMayChallenge. Let us know by reply to any of our social media sites and post this badge on your social media, website or school/work display.

2- Read the Overview for each week so you are aware what is coming up. Below is a list of suggested general activities you can be prepared to use, especially if you are using this in your classroom or work place.

3- Each new week will begin on a Monday. Thus, the first week will actually begin on Monday 30th April in order to give 5 full week’s. On the Saturday before the week begins, a new post on www.educationsvoice.wordpress.com will be posted to support the challenge.

4- Engage with Education’s Voice through each week’s blog post (www.educationsvoice.wordpress.com), Twitter (@Ed_Tmprince) or Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/educationsvoice/ ) by sharing where the challenge has taken you that week (at home, at school or work place). Ensure you use #MindfulMayChallenge in your posts!

5- If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by emailing me at evmindfulness@outlook.com .

#MindfulMayChallenge Weekly Overview


Week 1: 30th April-6th May 2018
Mindful Object– Take time each day to notice something specific about an everyday object.


Week 2: 7th May-13th May 2018
Mindful Smell– Take time each day to notice a specific smell in your surroundings.


Week 3: 14th May-20th May 2018
Mindful Body– Take time each day to notice how different parts of your body feel.


Week 4: 21st-27th May 2018
Mindful Touch– Take time each day to notice how everyday objects feel.


Week 5: 28th- 3rd June 2018
Mindful Taste– Take time each day to notice the taste of foods and drinks.

Suggested Activities

1- Keep a photo record of mindful moments each day.
– create a weekly collage
– Share daily photos or collage with others (don’t forget to add #MindfulMayChallenge)

2- Create a display (classroom, staffroom, workroom) and add your Mindful Moments using pictures, post-it notes, drawings, etc and watch mindfulness literally grow.

3- Use the #MindfulMayChallenge flower sheets to journal each day with a few words or drawings to document the month. (found below)

4- Set a specific time each day for your mindful moment so that it becomes a habit. You only need a minute or two once you explain what the #MindfulMayChallenge is all about.

5- Remember to check each Saturday for the next week’s challenge post.

Find more mindfulness strategies for children and adults here: www.educationsvoice.wordpress.com or for more ideas for teachers, 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Mindfulness In The Classroom published by Bloomsbury. More information can be found here.


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