#21DaysOfSummerMindfulness Challenge – Day 18 – Developing Mindfulness in Children


When we are mindful, we are being in the moment. We are not racing ahead and planning the future nor are we rehashing what has happened in the past. Children, for the most part , are naturally mindful; immersing themselves in the moment is very empowering and relaxing.

Today’s challenge is to support children in the immersion of nature, to see nature’s beauty and to create works of art that emphasises that beauty that can be seen in shape, structure, texture and colour.

Nature Mandalas

(If, for religious reasons you find mandalas inappropriate, choose whatever shape you desire.)

1- Get a feel for where the child wants to create their mandala. Do they want it in the grass, on a table, in the sand, etc ?

2- They are to spend time searching the area for the materials they want to use. Encourage the exploration, taking time to really look at the colours and shapes and really feeling the textures. Encourage a variety while also encouraging them to tell you about what they see, feel, smell and hear.

3- Once they feel they have enough materials collected, have them begin to create their mandala. Each mandala reveals itself gradually through the process of creation.

4- Once the mandala is complete, encourage them to explain what they have done and why. Ask them how the process made them feel and how do they feel when they look at the creation. Spend some time just admiring the creation and enjoying the art of nature.

5- Have your child take a picture or draw their creation as a reminder of being mindful and in the moment.

Don’t forget to share your child’s #mindfulmoment and successes in the comments, on Twitter @Ed_Tmprince or on Facebook at Education’s Voice – Mindfulness ( https://www.facebook.com/educationsvoice/ ).



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