#21DaysOfSummerMindfulness Challenge – Day 16 – Developing Mindfulness in Children


Emotional Intelligence is the capacity of individuals to recognize your own, and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour.

The greater a person’s emotional intelligence, the better a person can deal with stressful situations in a way that does not escalate the emotion but allows

The first step in developing emotional intelligence is to get children to understand that their emotions are valid. It is not bad to have emotions, good or bad. It is how they deal with and react to these emotions that makes a difference.

Today’s challenge is to talk about emotions like you talk about the weather with your child. This is one you should do OFTEN and EVERY day!

Ask your child,

-What emotion are you feeling right now?
-How does it feel? Is this a good emotion to have in control?
-How can we change emotions?

Validate emotions when you see them in your child and give them a mindful strategy to use?
-“You are upset because you hurt yourself when you fell down. It is ok to be upset. Now, you need to breathe to get control of that emotion.”
-“You are angry at your sister for disturbing your game. It is ok to be angry. Now, you need to do the starfish hand meditation to get control of that emotion.”

Don’t forget to share your child’s #mindfulmoment and successes in the comments, on Twitter @Ed_Tmprince or on Facebook at Education’s Voice – Mindfulness ( https://www.facebook.com/educationsvoice/ ).

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