#21DaysOfSummerMindfulness Challenge -Day 14- Developing Mindfulness in Children


As you will remember, mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment. Children and adults alike can find this purposeful focus extremely difficult. Our brains are humming with a million different thoughts. Multi-tasking is seen as the norm and not the exception. The adrenalin coming from this constant state of motion makes us addicted to the stimulus and leads us feeling lazy if we stop and focus on just one thing.

Mindful Listening allows our brain to focus on the present moment instead of the “what to do next” syndrome!

Basic mindful listening is simple and needs a minimum amount of equipment and time.

This is a nice guided mindful listening meditation created just for children.

How To:

1- Find a quiet space for your child to sit.

2- Have them take three deep mindful breaths.

3- Play this Guided Mindful Listening Meditation by MindscapesRecords.com
http://youtu.be/oj9bX5DqggI (5:33 minutes)

Afterwards, discuss how they are feeling. How does their body feel?

Don’t forget to share your child’s #mindfulmoment and successes in the comments, on Twitter @Ed_Tmprince or on Facebook at Education’s Voice – Mindfulness ( https://www.facebook.com/educationsvoice/ ).

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