#21DaysOfSummerMindfulness Challenge – Day 13 – Developing Mindfulness in Children


Children have a natural mindfulness, particularly when it comes to nature. Their inquisitive minds allow them to focus on the details of nature, noting the lines, colours and movement of the outdoors.

Today the challenge is one that capitalises on this natural inquisitiveness. It is a simple Cloud Meditation.

How to do a Cloud Meditation:

-Find a comfortable position outside. It can be sitting or lying down as long as their view point is of the clouds and they are comfortable.

– Begin by having them take 5 deep mindful breaths (The snake breaths are perfect for this.)

– Then they are to stare at the clouds. Guide them in the beginning with simple questions:
Are the clouds fluffy or thin?
Are they moving?
Are they taking shapes of things you know?
Are they all the same colour?
What about the blue sky behind it?

– Encourage this quiet contemplation for as long as they can allowing for peaceful solitude as they observe and breathe.

Once they are finished, discuss how they feel or how they felt. What were they thinking?

If it is a rainy day, here is a link to a lovely Cloud Meditation that can be done inside.

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