#21DaysOfSummerMindfulness Challenge- Day 5 – Developing Mindfulness in Children


Making deep breathing fun for children is important.  Today we will be working on BIG BREATHS with Breathing Wands.

The key is getting them to take deep breaths and BLOW all the air out of the lungs to kick in the natural reflexes.

This is also a great craft project for children as they get to make their own. Children get to make these fun, colourful and useful breathing wands.

You will need:

  • A toilet paper or paper tower cardboard tube.
  • Tape, scissors,
  • Markers, crayons, paint, stickers and other bright and shiny bits and pieces to decorate the tube.
  • Thin streamers and thin ribbon that is light and can be easily moved by a child’s breath.

How to Make:

– Cut about a cm/inch off the top of the tube. Put this aside as you will need it later.

– Cut a straight line up through the remainder of the tube.

– Tighten the tube to be a thinner tube and tape on the top and bottom.

– Decorate the tube.

– On the smaller ring you cut off the tube earlier, tape the thin streamers and ribbon around the inside edge.

-Tape this ring to your decorated tube.

Viola! You have a Breathing Wand.

Finally, take a deep breath and blow through the ring making the streamers wave and flap.

Have the children notice their breath. How does their body feel? Can they feel the air flow from their lungs through their mouths? What else do they notice?

Have the children keep their wands handy in the beginning and use it as part of the day, getting them to focus on their breathing.

What if you don’t have time to make your own breathing wands?

Get several bottles of bubbles or make your own bubble mixture. Take it outside and have the children blow bubbles. The idea is the same as the Breathing Wand. Have the children focus on their breath and how their bodies feel. An additional benefit, is for the children to focus on the moment the bubble is made and watching it float away; noting the size and colour. They are focusing on the present mindful moment.

Added bonus:  Adults enjoy blowing bubbles as well!

Don’t forget to share your child’s #mindfulmoment and successes in the comments, on Twitter @Ed_Tmprince or on Facebook at Education’s Voice – Mindfulness ( https://www.facebook.com/educationsvoice/ ).


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