#MonthOfMindfulness Challenge Day 15 – Developing Mindfulness One Day at a Time


The acronym RAIN, first coined about 20 years ago by Michele McDonald, is an easy-to-remember tool for practicing mindfulness. RAIN is a tool for self-compassion.

Over the last few weeks we have focused on being calm, kind and compassionate, especially towards others. Today, we are focusing on loving ourselves just the way we are.


R– Recognise what’s going on. Consciously acknowledge the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are affecting you.

A– Allow the experience to be just as it is. Allow by simply pausing with the intention to relax your resistance and let the experience be just as it is.

I– Investigate with kindness. Simply pause and ask what is happening inside yourself.

N– Natural LOVING kindness towards yourself! Give yourself a mental hug and tell yourself that you are a good, kind and compassionate person. This is like a Random Act of Kindness from you to you.

Do this at least twice today.

Make a mental note about this #mindfulmoment and congratulate yourself for being in the present.

Share your experiences here on the blog or on Twitter @Ed_Tmprince #MonthOfMindfulness .


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