#MonthOfMindfulness Challenge Day 7 – Developing Mindfulness One Day at a Time


We tend to go about our everyday lives on autopilot. People have been mentioning this over the last week with other tasks. We follow set routines out of habit and don’t consider the moments that slip mindlessly through our fingers. The habits we follow like getting up on a morning, fixing our breakfast, leaving home, driving to work, greeting our loved ones, washing the dishes, etc become meaningless moments of time. We allow ourselves not to truly be there and respond or act without thought to what we are doing. Our reactions are set.

Mindful Pause

The Mindful Pause encourages us to begin to break mindless habits, change our reactions and enjoy the moment of the present. This acronym helps us remember to how to be here NOW.

P – Perceive: take a moment to tune in the the experience you are having.
A– Allow 10 seconds for awareness to set in.
U– Understand your feelings. How does this moment make you feel? Why does it make you feel that way?
S– Stay in the moment. Allow yourself to settle into what is happening right now.
E– Entertain your options. Do you want to respond to this moment differently than you have before? Can doing something differently make this moment better or change how you feel?

Today, take time to PAUSE three times.

Make a mental note about this #mindfulmoment and congratulate yourself for being in the present.

Share your experiences here on the blog or on Twitter @Ed_Tmprince #MonthOfMindfulness .


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