#MonthOfMindfulness Challenge Day 4 – Developing Mindfulness One Day at a Time


Walking is usually an activity you do on autopilot. You don’t concentrate on walking. You decide you want to get from A to B, you get up and walk. It can be easier for some than others. However, mindful walking doesn’t require being able to hike up a hill. It requires only for you to be able to take one step at a time.

Mindful Walk

– The key to a mindful walk is to notice how your body feels in motion.
– Be aware the sensation of the foot placement with each step.
– Notice your breathing as you move. Deep breathing supports calmness and heightened awareness of the present moment.

You can choose to do a mindful walk at anytime you walk. It could be as you walk down the corridor, as you walk down the road, as you walk from one room of your house to another room or when you walk from the car to the shop!  You just need to be mindful and NOTICE the present moment.

A nice mindful walk, which works with #30DaysWild, is to take a walk on grass while barefoot. Notice the sensations of the grass blades beneath your feet.

  • Note: If mobility is an issue, use any movement as your mindful focus; wiggle your fingers or toes, swing your arm, roll your shoulders or rotate your head. Focus on the movement of the moment.

Make a mental note about this #mindfulmoment and congratulate yourself for being in the present.

Repeat at least three times today.

Share your experiences here on the blog or on Twitter @Ed_Tmprince #MonthOfMindfulness .


2 thoughts on “#MonthOfMindfulness Challenge Day 4 – Developing Mindfulness One Day at a Time

  1. What a great idea, doing things mindfully, and a great idea for people who have trouble sitting and meditating. I find myself multitasking in everything I do, and I miss the feeling of being completely immersed in one task. I will give this a try. Thank you for sharing

    • The more you practice being mindful when you are doing something, the more you will naturally begin doing it and you will fill better for it. But, just remember it takes practice. 😊

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